Postdoctoral Fellows

Peyman Saidi, PhD (co-supervised by Mark Daymond)

Yaoting Zhang, PhD

Sami Mahmoud, PhD (co-supervised by Mark Daymond)

Hao Sun, PhD

PhD students

Keyvan Ferasat, MSc (co-supervised by Zhongwen Yao)

Yu Luo (co-supervised by Mark Daymond)

Amir Ghorbani, MSc

Karim Zongo, MSc (located at ÉTS-Montréal, co-supervised by Claudiane Ouellet-Plamondon)

Aditya Kamath, MSc (co-supervised by Mark Daymond)

Expertise: Atomistic simulation in short timescales, molecular dynamics and density functional theory.

Yezhou Ni, MSc

Expertise: Machine learning and deep learning applications in computational materials

MASc student

Robert Topham

B.Eng. Undergraduate intern

Liam Gravelle