Postdoctoral Fellows

Yaoting Zhang, PhD (Mitacs Elevate Fellowship in partnership with the Nuclear Waste Management Organisation. Expertise: modelling of bentonite clay.)

Hao Sun, PhD (Expertise: Molecular Dynamics, kinetic Activation Relaxation Technique, Lattice-Element Method, Density functional theory)

Keyvan Ferasat, PhD (Fracture of bone tissue simulated using lattice-element methods)

Jun-Tian Zhang, PhD (Development of neural networks to analyse electron micrographs)

Peyman Saidi, PhD (co-supervised by Mark Daymond)

Expertise: My research interests are in elucidating the fundamental mechanisms of microstructural evolution for systems in materials science, in order to better predict the behaviour of engineering materials, through the development and application of multi-scale numerical, computational and phenomenological models. The long term objective of my research is to bridge the gap between the mesoscale description of microstructural elements employed in materials science and the information gathered from simulations.

Another aspect of my work is developing deep learning methods which can rapidly approximate the properties of materials based on modelling training data, and leverage Machine Learning tools to perform physics-based modelling of materials.

PhD students

Yu Luo (co-supervised by Mark Daymond)

Amir Ghorbani, MSc

Yalda Pedram, MSc

Karim Zongo, MSc (located at ÉTS-Montréal, co-supervised by Claudiane Ouellet-Plamondon)

Aditya Kamath, MSc (co-supervised by Mark Daymond)

Expertise: Atomistic simulation in short timescales, molecular dynamics and density functional theory.

Badr Elkamash, MSc (co-supervised by Suraj Persaud)

Expertise: kinetic Monte Carlo (kMC) to model selective corrosion (i.e. dealloying).

Yezhou Ni, MSc

Expertise: Machine learning and deep learning applications in computational materials

MASc student

B.Eng. Undergraduate interns

Justine Kuczera -- NSERC USRA

Alex Hadwen -- NSERC USRA